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A Another Country    
  Anything for Love    
B Bandido's Last Ride    
  Bill's Basic  
  Born to Love    
  Bullfrog on a Log    
C Country as can be    
  Country Bump    
  Cowboy Girl    
  Cowboy Madison
D Desirable    
  Down up your  Uppers    
E Easy Dance    
F Folks like us    
G Gost town    
H Half a Cha    
  Here's to you    
  Hold the line    
I I close my eyes    
L Life is a Rodeo    
  Lonely Drum    
  Love ain't    
O Over the Moon    
P Paris tennessee    
R Rain    
S Stealing the Best    
T Take me home Vidéo  
  These old Boots    
W Wayfaring Stranger    
  When you Smile    
  Whiskey Bridges    
  Won't you Dance with Me     

Chorégraphies INTERMEDIAIREPDF/VIDEO : idem cours débutant 

A All the King Horses    
B Backroad Nation    
  Back to the Bar    
  Belle Louisiana     
  Bonaparte Retreat    
  Bound Ta Git Down    
C Clear Isabel    
  Corn don't Grow    
  Crazy Song
D Day of the Dead    
G Gone West    
  Good for your Soul    
H Head over Boots    
  Here we Go

L Locash    
M My New Life    
N Nothing but You    
O Old Friends in America    
  On a Roll    
  On veut des Légendes    
  Over Getting Over    
P Playboys    
R Raising Like That    
S Stomping Country    
T The South    
  This is Me     
  Three Teachers    
  Train Wreck
W What we're Made of    
  Woman Amen    
Y You're my Anthem    

COURS 2022 - 2023

26 Septembre

Bill's Basic

Cowboy Madison

27 septembre

Crazy Song

Train Wreck

Here we Go

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